The Gnome Clock applet is an extremely convenient little widget that sits in the corner of your Menubar and gives you the time of day (unlike the knock-out that totally ignored the geeky coolness of your Hipster PDA and sleek Macbook). It also displays events from your Evolution calendars -- if you use Evolution calendars, that is.

Personally, I don't. I'm a Thunderbird man. It just sounds so nice to be able to say that, don't you think? "Thunderbird man", sounds muscle-car-ish, doesn't it? I keep my events in Google Calendar and use the Lightning extension to display them in Thunderbird. Well, it turns out that with a simple terminal command you can set your Clock to display Google Calendar events. Presented here for your viewing pleasure (for Ubuntu):

evolution-webcal YOUR_PRIVATE_ICAL_URL

Follow the magic link: Linux Tip: Automatically Subscribe to Your Google Calendar [via, Cagdas's blog]